Kitchen 151's Story

Kitchen 151's Story

In 2012, Chef Simona El-Harar moved from Israel to Brussels after falling in love with the great artist Tim Grosvenor, owner of Gallery 151.

At first, It was Simona’s cooking that caught Tim’s heart. He instantly recognized Simona’s advanced cooking skills, creativity and passion towards the kitchen. Influenced by her family’s home cooking, the food that came out of Simona’s hand tasted and looked exactly like the traditional dishes her mother and grandmother used to cook for her all her childhood.

These flavors of the Middle East and the Maghreb are complimented by subtle culinary influences from the rest of the Mediterranean, including France, Spain, Greece, and Italy. Each dish is inspired by century-old traditions passed down from generation to generation within El-Harar Family.

Tim Grosvenor was born to British parents on the African island nation of Madagascar. He spent his early years enjoying the delicious scents, sights, sounds, and tastes of Madagascan culture and cuisine. His mother was a chef and taught him everything he knows about the culinary world.

Combining Simona’s vast background and Tim’s huge knowledge, together they opened Kitchen 151, which welcomes everyone, from friends looking for a delicious night out to business-oriented catering services.

Our pictures together - our home and our love

Simona's cooking books

À la table de Simona

Simona offers us more than 80 “pleasure” recipes, inspired by centuries-old traditions and “modernized” to give birth to subtle and delicious flavors.

Street food

Through 75 street food recipes as simple as they are delicious, Simona El-Harar takes you on a journey throughout the Mediterranean basin.


Bring the Mediterranean restaurant experience to your Event.

Delight in the succulent tastes of the Mediterranean with specialist catering for all types of events.

The food is delivered and lovingly prepared on-site, for you and your guests to enjoy.

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