Kitchen 151's Story

Kitchen 151's Story

Kitchen 151 is a restaurant inspired by the rich culinary tapestries of Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisines. Each dish is inspired by centuries old traditions passed down from generation to generation within families. These are then given a modern twist and fused together, resulting in new and delicious meals that satisfy both body and mind.

Simona El-Hara, head chef at Kitchen 151, grew up in Israel with a Moroccan household filled with the fragrances, tastes and visual treats of her cherished mother’s and grandmother’s cooking. There in the home kitchen she learnt the skills of meal preparation and fell in love with the whole experience of providing delicious meals to overjoyed friends and family.

Together with her partner Tim Grosvenor, she opened Kitchen 151 in July of 2014. Tim, an Englishman born in Madagascar, was inspired by his mother’s flavours and the smells of spices and markets in childhood Madagascar.

When Simona cooked him his first meal, he told her they had to do something with it.

These tastes of the Middle East, and Africa are complimented with subtle culinary influences from the rest of the Mediterranean including France, Spain, Greece and Italy.

We welcome everyone, from locals and nearby businesses needing catering services, to parties of tourists passing through or officials visiting EU institutions. Kitchen 151 offers a unique dining experience for all types of people. Come and enjoy the ultimate in contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in one of the hidden culinary gems of Brussels.

Simona's cooking books

À la table de Simona

Simona offers us more than 80 “pleasure” recipes, inspired by centuries-old traditions and “modernized” to give birth to subtle and delicious flavors.

Street food

Through 75 street food recipes as simple as they are delicious, Simona El-Harar takes you on a journey throughout the Mediterranean basin.


Bring the Mediterranean restaurant experience to your Event.

Delight in the succulent tastes of the Mediterranean with specialist catering for all types of events.

The food is delivered and lovingly prepared on-site, for you and your guests to enjoy.

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