About our food

All the dishes come from fresh locally grown food and are prepared with the
love and passion of Mediterranean souls. Our menus are modified every week
to match the onward progression of the seasons. Simplicity is our hallmark;
turning natural ingredients into delicious healthy dishes that surprise your
taste buds and lift your spirits.


  • 25 Pastries
  • 25 Mini sandwiches
  • 25 mini Burekas
  • Cut Vegetables/Fruits plate
  • Tea & Coffee jars


  • 4 Home made Breads
  • Shakshuka 2L box
  • Chicken Shawarma 2L box
  • Farci rice 2L box
  • Home made Halva\Malabi

Special events

$99/Special events
  • Spice up your event and delight in the succulent tastes of the Mediterranean with specialist catering for all types of events. contact us to get our catering form full of ideas for your table.