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Located in the culturally diverse Ixelles district, restaurant Kitchen 151 takes you from the city streets of Brussels to the wildly beating heart of the eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, in just a few short steps. You’ll enjoy a dining experience that celebrates both contemporary fusion cuisine and also the rich culinary cultures of the Middle East and the Maghreb.

All the dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients, many of which are locally grown, and are made with the love and passion of Mediterranean souls. Our menus are modified every week to match the onward progression of the seasons. Simplicity is our hallmark; turning natural ingredients into delicious healthy dishes that surprise your taste buds and lift your spirits.


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Tonight ….

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Kitchen 151 will reopen tomorrow evening with delicious summer menu only for August! 19:00- 22:00 See you then! ❤️

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If you are traveling to the south west of France don’t miss the Sunday Market of Saint Antonin Noble Val Tourisme It is a must! One of My favorite..

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If you are in south of France don’t miss Sunday morning in Saint Antonin Noble Val Tourisme for me The best Market! And take with you some Garlic..

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Happy Holidays everyone! Kitchen 151 will be back to cook for you from 17th August! ❤️

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